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Tutoring services offered in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, Quebec City and Levis.

For excellence and academic success since 1988.

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French Tutoring


Academic support in French

available in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, Quebec City and Lévis.


Does your child need support in French?

A French tutor could help!

Let us help you with your greatest challenges in French!

Spoken communication, reading, writing, spelling, conjugation, grammar, syntax, reading comprehension, essay writing, analysis of literary works, etc., French doesn’t hold any secrets for our tutors. Does your child need help in French? Get in touch and we will provide them with the assistance needed to improve results and succeed in French.



We provide your child with individual guidance and support in French, at home or online. A tutor specializing in French will give private, personalized and unique support to help with homework, understand concepts covered in French class, overcome challenges, consolidate learning, prevent falling behind academically, develop learning skills and strategies to help promote academic success and encourage autonomy.



We can help with homework, remediation, exam preparation, enrichment or general support in French! Our team is at your service to support your child in the pursuit of academic goals, in addition to improving motivation and confidence in French.

Our Services in French:

  • Homework help in French

  • Recovery and recuperation in French

  • Remedial support in French

  • Preparation for French exams

  • Enrichment and knowledge consolidation in French



How does it work? It's simple:


  1. Communicate with us

  2. Receive a call from your French tutor

  3. Begin your French tutoring sessions

Get in touch with us today to obtain French tutoring:

Montreal : (514) 281-5979

Quebec : (418) 686-4818